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Here at Foothills we design, produce, fit, and modify custom orthotics and boots to alleviate foot , knee, and back pain caused by foot imbalance, overuse, disease, or injury. At Foothills Pedorthics we specialize in biomechanics, analyzing how the feet affect the rest of the body, going up the kinetic chain.

Custom orthotics are built in-house to address the biomechanical deficiencies of the foot. The foot is cast in a non-weight-bearing neutral position. The orthotic is built from appropriate materials, depending on the pathology and needs of the patient. Because the orthotics are custom built in-house, we are able to make immediate adjustments and modifications as needed.

Foothills Pedorthics is a full service Pedorthic facility with our own in-house laboratory. Calvin Staub has taken many courses and seminars in biomechanics and orthopedics, and has passed the national Board Certification of Pedorthics. At Foothills Pedorthics, rocker bottoms, lifts, lateral flairs, and other shoe modifications can be built to address lack of mobility, ankle fusions, leg length discrepancies and other ambulatory problems.