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Foothills Pedorthics offers many additional services to compliment your custom orthotic needs. We provide orthopedic services using an F-Scan computer to help diagnose your particular ailment.  We can help you find footwear that will best suit your medical and comfort needs.

Orthopedic Work

rockersShoe modifications may be external, internal, or both. External modifications to footwear such as flares and wedges are frequently used to stabilize the foot. Walking and gait can be improved with various types of rocker soles and elevations. Modifications can be used to address lack of mobility, ankle fusions, leg length discrepancies, and other ambulatory problems.

Internal modifications are intended to adapt the interior surface of the shoe to the contours of the patient’s foot to relieve or accommodate preexisting conditions.

F-Scan Computer

F-scan sample scan The F-Scan computer is state of the art technology that uses a pressure-sensitive mat and in-shoe sensors to record gait cycles, center of gravity, and tracking patterns (see photo). The F-Scan is used as an additional diagnostic and quantifying tool — particularly in more complex pathologies — to aid in evaluating biomechanical deficiencies of the lower extremities. We have also used it for ski boot canting, bicycle-pedaling analysis, and running-gait analysis.

Shoe Fitting and Recommendations

Assistance is given to assure proper footwear fitting and selection based on the patient’s pathology.

Additional Pairs of Orthotics

Additional pairs of orthotics are available for $225. The patient’s original casts are used to build additional pairs of orthotics that can be integrated into sandals, ski boots, dress shoes, and other performance-specific footwear.