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Shoe Fitting

Like other types of therapy, foot therapy is generally intended to restore function, reduce pain, prevent further damage, and improve mobility. Because shoes encase the foot, they are a major component of foot therapy. Shoes can maximize the value of an orthotic or limit it. Not all shoe types are suitable for an orthosis. Many of today’s shoes, however, are manufactured with a removable insole. When this insole is removed, there is usually sufficient space for the orthotic.

Foothills Pedorthics currently stocks Brooks® Running and Walking Shoes in a full range of sizes and widths from narrow to wide. We can also special order any model in mis-mated sizes for a small extra charge.

Shoe Sizing

There are no standard shoe sizes. All manufactures create their own models, so don’t start with a shoe size, start with a size range and go from there. Stand during the fitting process and be sure that there is adequate space (3/8” to 1/2“) between your longest toe and the end of each shoe.

Foot Measurement

Always have both feet measured and wear the type of sock you will use for the specific shoe. You should always use the ball measurement of your foot to determine size; this ensures that the ball of your foot will match up to the ball of the shoe. This match permits shoes to bend where your feet flex, giving you a more functional and more comfortable wearing experience.

Shoe Shape

When the shoe’s shape matches the foot’s shape, both function and comfort are achievable. If the shape greatly differs, as in pointed versus rounded toes, discomfort and damage can eventually be the result. Length is only one consideration in selecting a shoe. Width is a three-dimensional factor that includes girth and volume of a shoe.

Construction and Stability

Different construction techniques, such as sliplasted, injection molded, welted, stitch-down, or cemented, create differences that affect the shoe fit, stability, and durability. The heel stability and torsional rigidity of a shoe will affect how the shoe supports the foot and orthotic.